Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In Search of Calm

Today promises to be hectic, full, with barely any breathing room. Starts at 7am and moves right along with 3 hours of meetings and 8 hours of back-to-back clients. I'm a little tired just thinking about what awaits me in a short while. So I thought I'd distract myself -- um, meditate -- on a few of this weekend's photos.
Sunday we were at a family farm to celebrate a 2nd cousin's soon-to-be marriage. I'd been hoping to stalk the wheat fields near our home at dusk one day last week but then they suddenly were gone! I'd missed my golden opportunity. Or at least I thought I had until we made the hour drive south and came across these beautiful fields. I love the warmth of the golden heads of wheat. 
And I really don't know what my deal is with barbwire! Perhaps the juxtaposition of something so dire looking against something so inviting. Or the contrast in color and texture. Anyway, I like it! A lot. 

I feel as if there is more that needs to be written. Things on my mind but the clock ticks. Perhaps tonight, or tomorrow. Cheers.

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robin laws said...

the gold.. i love the gold and could seek it out endlessly! there was so much gold in california. it was everywhere! you have inspired me to seek out my own dire wire and see how it sits with my psyche :) i'll let you know.