Monday, August 31, 2009

H2C Part 2

I missed the most touching moment of the event with my camera -- the fabulous and fast runner above is Jaime and her oldest son and mother came to see her in her first leg. We had pulled off Hwy 26 to wait for her so we could cheer and offer water midway through her run. She came to a full stop, hugged and kissed her clearly very proud boy. So sweet. Several of us were a little teary as we loaded back into the van to catch her at the transition.
Sure, we talked about our kids, exchanged stories on toddler misbehavior and cuteness, compared ages and schools. There were phone calls and text messages keeping moms connected with partners and children. At the finish line, two of our mommies were met by husbands and cute tots. They joined their moms in the team photos 'cause let's be honest, every mile we logged in training was a feat of organization and teamwork with our families. 
Today I decided to shake the ol' legs out with my regular spinning class. One of my classmates is an iron man triathlete. He gave me grief about rest days and fatigued legs, all in good humor. We talked about a triathlon in Canada yesterday and he said, repeatedly, that I could/should do an iron man distance. You know, when my kids are 12! It does take time and effort and a single-mindedness that is hard to accomplish when you juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. 
Besides my own need and love for sports, I want to continue challenging myself and surrounding myself with the kind of women who do the same because I'm raising two children -- a daughter and a son, that I want to go out into the world seeing possibilities for themselves and each other that are not based on gender or imagined limitations. I love that I can bribe my spunky 3 year old daughter to eat her food by saying that if she does, she'll grow big and strong and run like her mama! Or that when I come home from either the gym or a run, they run to give me sticky, wet hugs and tell me to take a shower. Right now, they think I'm fast and strong. Soon enough, they'll be faster and stronger. 
Run, Mama, Run! (This is Kirsten and her little girl . . . sorry, none of mine as they were home with daddy. Perhaps next year)

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