Monday, July 6, 2009

Ode to my Mini Van

Alas, no photos today. Just a quick reflection on coming home to my family after 5 days away . . . 

I was standing in front of the baggage claim, looking down the long lines of cars creeping their way towards all the other waiting passengers when I saw our gray Honda Odyssey come into view. The thought I had was that it was a love-seeking missile, singling me out of the crowd as that one special person. When they pulled up, the windows were down and there was a chorus of delighted exclamations from my two tots. They were little rainbow packages in their tie die shirts, wriggling with excitement. They demanded that I sit between them in the middle row and they alternated between holding my hands, kissing me and sharing their beaded necklaces and bracelets. 

My sweet hubby had washed the car and detailed the interior. The van hasn't been that clean in months! What a home coming.

Today began with a pan of baked oatmeal. Yummy. Now for errands and checking the list for our trip later in the week. Just three more days before we drive to CA and then off to Hawaii! Yeah! 

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georgia b. said...

hubbies are great like that!