Monday, July 20, 2009

More Maui

This has been a very productive day. Most Maui photos processed (so more to come, poor readers), groceries bought and menu planned, car washed and now two blog entries written. Mercy. Time for a nap. Still struggling to adapt to change in time . . . seemed easier when I was younger and didn't have children and a job. Hmm. 
I don't suppose you remember many moons ago an ill-fated rainbow hunt that I and the family set out on? We should have set sail to Hawaii! There were rainbows everywhere, at every turn. It was an embarrassment of rainbows. At some point, I simply had to put my camera down and say "enough." :) They provided a wonderful opportunity to see what exactly what a polarizing lens can do . . . my hubby pointed out that when I twist the durn thing, I can make the rainbow "pop" or completely disappear. The really exciting discovery was that if I tilted my head to the side while wearing my polarized sunglasses, I could also make the rainbow disappear. Did you know that? I sure didn't. Quite the pretty picture the pair of us standing with our heads to the side staring at a rainbow slant-wise. 
Hubby and I found ourselves wondering aloud about the lives and people who vacation in the fabulous resorts we strolled past. So extravagant and beautiful . . . It's a bit like the rainbows. If you experience breathtaking rainbows at every turn, do you begin to lose appreciation? I mean, do you expectations for a "good" rainbow change? It must be a full double rainbow with all colors demonstrated or it simply doesn't make the grade? 
Hubby and I were amazed by the blue of the ocean. It changed depending on the light and depth and who knows what other factors. Just simply amazing. I could watch waves curl and crash and then roll back out to sea all day. There was endless variety in beaches. On some, we saw swells of several feet breaking on the sand. Saw a few hapless tourists attempt to body surf and get tumbled in the waves . . . heedless of the bored lifeguard's warnings over the loudspeaker. Silly college boys. On other beaches there were black volcanic rocks that provided obstacles for the surf to surge around. The sand varied to beach to beach as well -- soft and fine, rough pebbles and again, the ever present reminders of what birthed the island. 
I promise to subject you to more pics and ramblings soon. Ma-wa-ha-ha (evil laugh)!

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georgia b. said...

that has to be one of the prettiest rainbow pics i have ever seen! wow.

i'm totally living vicariously, here. i'm afraid i'll not be going to hawaii any time soon, so i will just have to enjoy it through your blog.