Friday, June 5, 2009

Boys. Need I say more?

My sweet boy. He's nuts like every other little nearly-six year old male of his kind. It's been a long, long week at work and one of those long (did I say long?) days ended with an about face on the freeway on the way home to meet daddy and Big D at the ER. Nothing like a vague conversation by phone with your spouse that goes something like this: 

Spouse: "So, I just got off the phone with the advice nurse and she thought I should take Big D to the ER. He fell of his bike and has thing with his chin." 

Me: "Um. Ok. I'll turn around." 

A thing with his chin? Like what exactly? Do NOT leave this sort of thing to my imagination. My hubby later commented that he had been impressed by how "calm" I was on the phone. Well, my dear, you didn't see me clenching the steering wheel or alternating between stomping on the gas and break pedal when traffic failed to cooperate with my sense of urgency. Of course the little dear is fine with the addition of some surgical glue and a band aid. 

Then there's today. The photos really speak for themselves . . . that's my bright guy shooting himself in the eye with the water "shark." I'd like to be able to tell you he only did that once! He was the only child sporting a benign animal-inspired water pistol. The rest ran around with full-fledged back-pack sporting water-shooting machines. I'd never seen anything like it! Clearly, I need to make a trip to the local Target and update our ammunition. Um. Yea. 

I don't know how mothers survive parenting their boys! The nurse in the ER commented that most boys end up with 1 of 3 scars on their face: eyebrow, chin or cheek bone. Oh lordy. I think spouse has all three! And a pin in his ankle and nose that's seen its share of action. Myself, on the other hand, has not suffered any "traumatic" injuries and kinda thought that was the way it was supposed to be. On a related note, I was relieved to discover as we were checking in at the ER, updating our info and the like, that we had not brought Big D  in for over a year. That's progress! 

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