Saturday, May 2, 2009

Just for Me

Tomorrow I embark on my "vacation" -- the idea of "taking a break" and "recharging your batteries" when you're a mother falls a little big flat. I need the time away from work to fight some burn out after having some very troubling cases but already my to-do list and the necessity of balancing my need for reflection and my kids needs for stimulation are at odds. So today, after an all day, work-related training, we took a stroll and I snapped pictures -- just for me!
Just whatever captured my eye -- colors, drops of rain, the juxtaposition of decay and destruction and new life. The photo below was taken on the grounds of a grill near our home that burned a few years back. This beautiful stone fireplace and the remains of old apple orchards and split rail fences are all that are left. 
Of course there is a part of me that is looking forward to having both my children with me this week. It's been a long while since Devin started school and there's plenty on the to-do list of fun I want to share with them -- a trip to the zoo with friends, crafty projects and plenty of excursions to the park. Somehow I have to carve out sacred time to rest and feed that part of myself that needs quiet and solace. Otherwise, I will end my vacation less rested and more frazzled than when I began. Perhaps that has its own benefits . . . work will start looking pretty darn good by the time I return:) 

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Anonymous said...

its so important to take time out from other commitements, and give yourself some me-time, eh? i'm looking forward to a quiet afternoon enjoying a good book while the children are off at school. the housework can wait :)