Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I've decided it's time to revive an old practice of mine of keeping a daily list of "gratitudes." I want to invest more of my time and energy reflecting on what is beautiful and true in my life. What fills with me joy, causes me to reflect on the bounty of my blessings. I'll begin today's list with this photo taken while waiting for shy hummingbirds to come out and play so I could take their picture. My hubby had told me that he had "heard" the revved up birds buzzing in the tree with these gorgeous bundles of blossoms. So Big D and I took a little stroll hand in hand to see what we could find -- what we found were bees:) Not quite what I had hoped for but found the blossoms were plenty photo worthy!
This second shot is of the willow in our back yard. When I began the photography class in January, I took some pics of raindrops balancing on the delicate red branches. I've since added a pic of new buds and tiny leaves . . . and this. I'm grateful for the newness of life that is everywhere. I want to inhale it and savor it!

Other gratitudes:
1. The silliness of my children. When asked what mama fills the car with at the gas station, Sis answered in all seriousness, "Money." Priceless. 
2. Quiet -- the children are asleep, hubby is getting supper and I am alone at the kitchen table. Bliss.
3. Sunshine and warm breezes over the weekend. 
4. We are well and healthy. 
5. Celebrating Sis' birthday and anticipating the delight of small children hunting for Easter goodies.

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Andromeda Jazmon said...

Saw this on shutter sisters. You are so right about gratitude! I agree with all your blessings - this is joy.