Saturday, April 4, 2009

Elusive Rainbows

Can you see it? Can ya, can ya? It's there, I swear. Last weekend we chased rainbows or tried to. We found exactly two that made a shy appearance in the stormy skies. I've fiddled a bit in Elements to see if I could highlight the sweet band of color but alas, I need to spend more time with Tips from any of you more experienced photographers?
Later that same day, as the sun was nearing the horizon, I snatched some pics of the dancing heads of daffodils. They simply are my favorite sign of spring time! Today the skies are bright and blue and the plan is to wander with the family and camera. Still stalking the hummingbirds that buzz our backyard with lightening speed. Also, swallowing down anxious thoughts, I am going to complete today's Shuttersisters challenge of a self-portrait. Eeks. 

1 comment:

robin laws said...

i have nothing to add. you have done a great job in drawing my eye to your sweet band of color. i mean who could help but see it with such enthusiastic urgings to share your delight :)

and the self-portrait challenge....? i have not been there all week. it can't seem to get my photographic priorities decided upon.

see you tomorrow at 7 and we can talk camera talk!