Monday, January 12, 2009

Photography Class: Assignment #1

The adventure of learning how to use a new camera is amazing:) Intimidating, daunting at times but overall, exciting. Above pic is a fluke - -don't have any idea how I managed to get one nice pic out of dozens and dozens of experiments. I guess that is the goal of taking this class -- know why something works and something else doesn't. The first class assignment was to choose a subject and take a series of photos, altering shutter speed and aperture. Initially, I wondered around with the family at Forest Park, looking for something interesting to take pictures of. Just choosing a subject was giving me the shakes! It was foggy and dark, everything looked green and I couldn't figure out how to frame a shot that was interesting. Took some pics of the kids playing and then went home, resigned to try again in the afternoon. 

Take 2 found me alone (key, perhaps!) at a couple of country church yards. Beautiful white churches set against the hillsides with a brooding sky. I think the more notable contrast helped a great deal. I'm actually feeling pretty good about these! Likely I'll get a little comeuppance when I show up to class with my little pile of photos! 

Meanwhile, along with learning how to use the camera, I'm using an online class to learn how to use Photoshop Elements and Bridge. I've been frustrated with iPhoto's apparent inability to interact with online photo ordering sites and Bridge seems more compatible . . . but neither is truly intuitive (or perhaps my intuition is what needs some work!). 

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robin laws said...

bravo for taking the leap, asking for the universe (and husband) to provide what you desire and for sharing your initiation as a photographer with us. oh and for posting so that all the world can discover you!