Monday, September 15, 2008

Soccer Mom

It's official. I'm a "Soccer Mom." Big D had his first kindergarten soccer game AND I drive  mini van  . . . hmm, not sure how I feel about that. (I mean when exactly did "soccer mom" become an epithet denoting a certain degree of single-minded focus, tendency towards McDonald's and poor driving skills?)

As you can see in the pic, Big D's team color is RED -- all of it in youth size large. The child literally drowned in his jersey and I couldn't pull his shorts' draw string tight enough to stay on his bony hips! Very, very cute as were his little buddies. This particular mama had snack duty and her very own two year old to corral at the game. Made for good times and a cautionary tale for anyone not as of yet initiated into the soccer rights of passage. For future reference, I will bring to games the following items:

1. Toys of varied types for toddler who will otherwise crawl between my legs, spit repeatedly on the ground (for reasons unknown) and otherwise make herself an entertaining spectacle. Barring that, perhaps a sedative . . . 
2. Lounge/beach chair -- as if there'll be much sitting but at least then it's an option. Or a holding place for snacks and assorted sundries.
3. Sunscreen or sunshade -- duh, right?
4. Snacks and drinks -- again for the toddler child as presumably I have carried out my duty as snack organizer and there will be no shortage as future games. 
5. Big D's soccer uniform in all it's glorious redness.

And finally, a WHEELBARROW to cart it all to and from the field. Big D had a great time, kicked the ball a few times and can't wait for this week's adventure. Go Big Red!

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