Friday, July 11, 2008

Different Parts of Me

Boy, no pressure writing the virgin entry on a new blog! Yikes. Why am I doing this? To talk about the journey of mothering, of course, but also of self-discovery. I hope this will become a place to talk about all the different parts of me -- many of which have, for a time, taken a back burner to my roles of mother and wife. I want to give voice to the athlete, bumbling gardner, amateur photographer, feminist/social activist, spiritual quester and growing therapist that are all part of me. Oh, and dancer! I've always wanted to dance and never really have. Shocking, isn't it? Well, unless you count hopping  and prancing about with my two tots to They Might be Giants and assorted kiddie songs. The more I think about the things I enjoy or want to experiment with, the more that comes to mind. That's exactly what I hope for this blog. An opening up in my own mind, expectations and willingness to try out these other selves.

Let's get acquainted. 

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Anonymous said...

i'm here. and i am witnessing another brave beginning. it is no surprise to me that you seek out another opportunity to challenge yourself. i do love the fact i have watched you sprout wings so many times already. and so i have a natural faith in your intentions to nudge the various and varied parts of yourself towards harmony and acceptance. how very predictable (in a good way:) that you would find the time, energy and daring to create this record of your lived history as it plays out.