Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Celebrating "Three"

A coworker and friend honored me by asking if I'd take pictures of her sweet newly-three year old son. Oh, he was fun! He ran and rolled and blew bubbles and attacked dandelions with vigor. 
We had beautiful sun all day. I was drooling with the anticipation of taking some lovely late afternoon pics. And then the clouds rolled in and it got dark. Very dark . . .  Never fear, the bright fresh colors of Spring and his red sweater, saved the day!
Thank you, for letting me play with your boy and take pictures. So much fun. And it really is a pleasure to be able to give a mama pictures that will capture this precious, passing moment. It goes by so quick.  The "baby" pictures that I have of my two children will likely always be on my walls. I can't bear to hide them behind new pictures . . . it creates quite a dilemma. I'm simply terrible about framing some of the recent pictures so they pile up on the bulletin board and in computer files. I need someone to take charge of filling my picture frames:) Anyone up for the task? I don't pay much but I'd happily return the favor with pictures. 

What do all you avid photographers do with your photos? Do tell! 

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robin bird said...

you're not working today..i wonder what you will do besides the household family chores that are a must for this one day a week chance to prepare for an orderly weekend..? that is just a thought that popped into my mind :) the comment i had in mind regarding your post goes more like: "groan, sigh speaking out loud; "I know what you mean!" i have thousands of photographs safely backed up on disk, hard drives and in my computer and yet at the moment i have exactly 2 images of my own hanging within my line of sight. and there aren't more than 2 others outside my line of sight within the wall so this house. but....i had a friend with come over a couple of weeks ago to help me envision my studio and she suggested i go to ikea and purchase white frames of various sizes and shapes to use for displaying my photographs. and i did go...i had joe install two four foot long narrow white shelves so that i could use them to display my photographs on a rotating basis. i did go to ikea and i did purchase white frames (my friend suggested white only as a way to give continuity and to best highlight the photographs) and it was a brilliant way to simplify this on-going question of what is wall worthy amongst my pictures. they can be changed on a whim, 'hanging' for a week, a month or a day and then taken off the shelf and redone with something new i want to look at. i want a framer yes, just like you, but this is a pretty good substitute.and before too long i will have far more than two of my own photographs up! you have such wonderful photographs and you are prolific in your camera. your work deserves a chance to delight you and inspire. try it...white, black,natural or stained, cheap yet quite nice frames some with mats, some without. at ikea.

i read backwards on your blog and i can appreciate understand your struggle to live in the moment.
you have some very wall worthy images :)