Tuesday, April 13, 2010


He, he. How appropriate! A shot of porta potties . . . I'm back in that place of feeling small and inadequate and all self-doubting. When will this go away! I'm sick of coming back to this particular intersection in my journey. Oh, there's a story to go with this feeling but it is uninteresting in its everydayness. Just an off day, saying and doing the seemingly wrong things, cranky kids and a messy house. It clearly doesn't take much. But enough. Let me tell you why I took a picture of these lovely Sani Huts!
A dear friend of mine and I ran the 8K at the Shamrock Run. It was a beautiful and clear morning -- lots of sun as you can see in my sun flare obsessed photo above. There were thousands of runners in several different events. It was quite the party on the waterfront. 
I'm the gal with the blue headband . . . we had a blast. There is a certain energy that gathers with the crowd at the starting line. A sense of being part of something big and exciting. You end up grinning at complete strangers because you share a goal and an adventure. 
Does she look excited? Just a bit? :) 
My children were cold. It was the first race they had gone to and I was so aware of their presence. I want to share with them the joy of a strong, healthy body. Sadly, hubby and kids did not see my "grand" finish. Huffing and puffing. 

It was a wonderful day. And there are many, many of those. I need to practice forgiveness and compassion for my little ol' self when the self-doubting days come now and again.

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