Friday, April 16, 2010

Fix it Friday #50

I'm playing along with iheartfaces today and this is their Fix Friday challenge. The photo was submitted by Debbie and what a beautiful girl she has!
So here's how I played today:
1. Levels adjustment to lighten things up
2. Selected and then sharpened the eyes
3. Painted the skin area after selecting the tone from her face, adjusted opacity
4. Smoothed out the skin by using the surface blur filter (Not sure that's what's it for but I like it)
5. Clone stamp for a few little blemishes and to smooth out under eye lines
6. Flattened the layers and then added an overlay layer (to make colors pop a bit more), adjusted opacity
7. Finally, added an omni lighting effect and again adjusted for opacity. I centered the light on her left cheek. I kinda like the the way it creates a lovely glow on her face and highlights her eyes.

So much fun!!


Crystal said...

great edit! I like that light on her face!

New Season Photography said...

You did a great job! Feel free to check my "fixes" too! :)

georgia b. said...

i'm continually impressed, heather.
you are getting quite good at this!
and very much inspiring me to keep on practicing... especially with my people pics, which usually turn out too dark or dull.