Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Holy Moly "Macro"

The title might mislead you into believing this post is about my adventures in macro photography. Ah, you are mistaken! Or, as Big D would say, "I tricked you." The real truth, since you asked, is that I finally received my extension rings and went about trying to learn how to use them. If you are wiser and more experienced than I, you're probably giggling at my foolishness. Apparently, I had NO conception of what was involved in taking photos with extension rings (literally rings that you place between the camera body and lens so that you can focus closer to subject -- at least that's the idea). I took a couple quickies such as the one above then set about adding a ring and retaking the pic. Lo and behold, I couldn't see a darn thing through the view finder. Frantic flipping through my dummy guide to my camera and another reference and the web, I discovered that there are complex mathematics involved in setting the correct exposure when you add the rings. So complex that I gave up and tried something different. For now!
The little magical trick that I tried is "zooming" to create the appearance of movement when clearly, my little bouquet of flowers is not actually sending out rays of light and energy in the middle of my kitchen table. Kinda cool! You just set your exposure at a s-l-o-w shudder speed and then when you release the shudder, twist or zoom your lens. 
Back to my sad little foray into macro. It's something I VERY much want to learn how to do. Apparently I need to get a little more instruction and perhaps a lens and who knows what else . . . maybe the lighting is more crucial? Hints, anyone? 

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