Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Ok. Moment of truth. Shutter Sisters posted a challenge for the New Year of picking ONE word to "influence" and "shape" the entire year. Picking the word was easy -- grow. I want and intend to grow in so many ways! Of course there is the new practice that I want to grow. And there are friendships and community that I want to grow. And I want to grow my skills in creating balance for myself and my family. 
Now that all sounds well and good, you say, but what's with the pictures? Well, there was this other Shutter Sisters entry about allowing yourself in front of the lens rather than always being the safe and invisible photographer in the scenes you shoot. Guilty. I have a love/hate relationship with my body. Don't we all? Some lucky gals are comfortable in their skin and have a certain confidence that makes them beautiful and sensual. I want that! I want to grow into loving myself and living whole hearted.
So the first photo was my not-so-courageous self-portrait. And then I took a day or two to work on my nerve and tried again. I like it. It makes me nervous that I like this second photo. And more than a little nervous to share it. This is what it feels like to grow. Uncomfortable. Nervous. Wanting to go back to safety and the known.

In what ways do you want to grow and stretch this year? I'd love to hear :)


georgia b. said...

your selfie is really really beautiful, h.

i'm to terrified to do something that showing of myself, because i don't really like my aging features... so i tend to do more artsy s.p.'s that sort of hide my face a little.

but you are quite beautiful, and i think you should do a lot more of these! it's such a great way to have the real you recorder through time... and through your own eyes..

hey, i just had another blogger ask me to do a header! yay. let me know if you still want my help with that. i like the new changes you have made here. looking good!!

as to your question... let's see, i think i want to grow and stretch in more areas than just my belly... but i have a feeling i will be forced to grow and stretch, even without trying. i think my world will turn upside down when that little peanut gets here... for the better.

okay... off to visit some more blogs... but first, i have to check out your post below, because i saw a hint of bokeh, and it looked really neat!

Heather said...

I still do want you to do the header!! And am looking for ideas as I'm clean out of any :)

Thank you for your kind words. I imagine that you, like me, are your worst critic. From what I can gather from the spirit you show in your writing and photos -- you are a beautiful person!!

Parenthood is truly a growing experience :) Every day is a new adventure and challenges. So much to look forward to!

Cindy Knull said...

I think this is a lovely self portrait. Truly.

robin bird said...

beautiful and sensual indeed..can i say that? i'll say it because it's what i really think and i am also committed to living with my whole heart! i just sent a client the TED video of Brene Brown talking about vulnerability and living with your whole heart. i feel good every time i listen to her say that it is all about being yourself and knowing you are ok just as you are.
p.s. i know it was really courageous of you to take and post that photo. i'm so glad you did.