Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fancy Nancy turns Four

How did I miss posting my sweet girl's 4th birthday celebration?! Mercy. It was quite the affair. Pink. Fancy. That nearly sums it up. She is quite the fan of the Fancy Nancy books so this mama obliged.
There was the pink feathered boa, party hats, fancy table decorations and most amazing of all (in my humble opinion!) a three layered chocolate cake with home made pink frosting with chocolate shavings and cherries on top . . . Sis was also quite fancy, calling us all darling and using various other big words.
Hubby and I commented to each other frequently how disconcerting it was to see her so immersed in pink and dainty play-acting. She pranced about in her new plastic play heels, made pretend grocery lists on her pink Hello Kitty pad of paper and wore her boa and sunglasses with quite a deal of grown up decorum. So very sweet and cute. And yet, I don't want to rush her into the grown up girl world of worry about appearances and fashion. I have resisted the Princess stories, wanting instead to fill her imagination with strong, active girls who could care less about winning Prince Charming. People tell me its a losing battle. That pink and princess is part of the female genetic code. Well, we'll see. Perhaps we can encourage the budding activist that fights against injustice (you should see her on time out!), the athlete that competes alongside the boys, the mathematician or engineer . . . . the possibilities are endless. The stories she can write with her life are far more inspiring and exciting and rewarding then the pre-packaged tales sold by Disney. Who knows what else she (and we) will discover she can be!

We are so proud of you, Sis! All your spunk, intelligence, energy, tenderness . . . 

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lolo said...

Happy BDay to Nancy! She's a cute lady!! I love the pink boa, the party hats, and actually all things pink. I clearly remember that I also had my grocery list at this age and wanted to pretend Momma. =) Have a happy day!