Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What's Your Play #85

Ah, so nice of Laura to inspire me with something on a Tuesday morning. I had nothing, nothing and some more of the same to offer all on my own. No new pictures. No new inspiration. Just kinda needed a poke and a prod to get going.
And here's my make over. A little of this (crop, contrast, some filter thing that accented the edges) and that (warming filter, a texture, a dash of salt) and ta da.

I began the edit this morning, over coffee, deliberately disregarding the mad dash that is morning in our household. The kids were meandering upstairs (as opposed to getting dressed!), the clock was relentlessly ticking and so, I put it aside until this evening. Ah, rather nice way to end a chaotic day . . . kids are tucked away, hubby is getting supper, dryer is running and I'm working my way towards balance.


Laura Hana said...

Heather, I love the story behind the edit. :) Glad it could offer you a change of pace. Love the crop and lovely colours!

georgia b. said...

this makes me realize i need to play more with my photos.
it was a nice image even before you played. but i really love the after! the colors are perfect.

and balance... i'm always yearning for it, but rarely finding it... or should i say achieving it. so much to learn...

Katherine said...

Great job on the edit! I love how creative everyone is!