Monday, March 29, 2010

More B&W and Catching up a Bit, too

Oh, I'm feeling inspired to continue playing with B&W images! Before I began dappling with photography, I always admired black and white shots. There is something clean and uncluttered about a well composed photo -- it allows you to really see the expressions on the subject's face. I personally find it much more challenging to create an interesting image that is equally powerfully without color!
And now for the catching up portion of today's entry . . . Big D had two weeks for Spring Break. A great idea for older students who use the time to participate in mission trips, etc. but for the younger set, its a headache for working parents. I took some time off last week and my mom (Nana) came for a visit. A wonderful time was had by all. We took a trip to the zoo one day. A gloriously sunny day. The next was an adventure to the mall to restock tennis shoes for the summer, get Little Sis' hair cut and finally, dinner and a movie for the grown up girls. Perhaps my favorite day was when we went down town to browse a fantastic toy store, road the street car, ate pizza and spent time reading in Powells. Ah. Perfect. The above picture is of Big D sucking up his portion of the 100% apple juice while waiting for his pizza.

My mother had a birthday just before her visit and it is my tradition to make the birthday person's choice of cake from scratch. Her choice was a mocha chocolate case with a glaze on top. Little Sis, in the first pic above, is licking every last crumb off her plate. It was rather tasty if I say so myself!

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georgia b. said...

you simply have the most adorable kids.

love both of these black and whites!