Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drama in general -- Black and White, specifically!

This week's challenge at iheartfaces is DRAMA in black and white. I haven't spent much time playing with B&W images but I've certainly got more than my share of experience in the drama department. Oh. My. Goodness. Little Sis has found her inner Princess and she's a yeller. But rather than elaborate on the chaos that has recently descended upon my home, I'll share a little about the making of this photo.

I get a great deal of my photo editing tips from Rita at CoffeeShop. About the time we were putting up our Christmas tree this year, she gave a wonderful tutorial on using natural light. Feeling inspired, I grabbed a black blanket, my hubby to hold it, a string of white lights and the kids. They were generally good sports but they really wanted to get back to the tree . . . The photos turned out a little overexposed, so I opened them in Camera Raw and fiddled around a bit. Further editing and several months later -- Ta Da!

I'm inspired to work with B&W images now that I've gotten a taste!


Presley family said...

What a fun shot! I love the lights! She is beautiful!

Erica said...

she is beautiful!

Jenilee said...

so cute :) and, now that I've played with it, I am hooked too!