Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sun and Blossoms

It's a miracle! Multiple days in a row of SUN. The trees and bulbs are confused. Blooms and shoots can be seen everywhere. This is such news that its in the news . . . Yesterday afternoon, we packed up the kids bikes and went to an amazing park with everything that a young family could desire. Trails for riding and walking, playgrounds and swing, gardens for photo-happy mama. There still isn't much color which was a bit disappointing. Found exactly three blooming daffodils but someone had manhandled them. Not pretty for photos. And then I found two blossoming cherry (?) trees. And the sun was low in the sky. Be still my heart :)
I have to confess that the lens flare in the first photo is an after the fact addition. Let's just say it was the way the photo should have been taken;)
Ah, happiness.

The sun is still with us this morning though there was a frost. I wonder what the return of freezing temps will do to all the new green life. I'd be ok if it reduced the awakening spider population but that's just my irrational phobia speaking. Today we will work in the yard and I will meet a friend for a trail run. All of us waterlogged Portlanders are soaking up the sun in desperate doses. You never know when it'll return for good. This is a sweet anomaly.


georgia b. said...

wasn't the sun wonderful? it felt so so good. gosh, gray sure can take an emotional toll on you that you don't realize until the sun comes back! i was so grateful for those couple of days.

your blossom photos are gorgeous! especially the third with that incredible blue background!

bekkah said...

Beautiful!! As I look out my window and see somewhere between 18-20" of fresh snow :\

So nice to hear how much you enjoyed the wonderful weather...