Saturday, February 6, 2010


This month's word at ShutterSisters is nurture. I haven't found enough time in recent weeks to spend with my camera but yesterday, inspired by this word and my beautiful children, I took my camera out and watched for opportunities to capture their sweetness with each other. They do plenty of squawking and hollering but there are plenty of moments of tenderness, too.

Lots of fun ideas percolating this morning . . . hope to take a walk with the family at the water front. I've been meaning and wanting to go down there with the camera and today's the day. Crossing my fingers that the weather will hold. And hubby and I are thinking about doing a collaborative blog. Still giving that thought and when we've hashed out the details and the vision, you'll hear more!

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Kamana said...

a collaborative blog. sounds like fun. watchign this space.