Sunday, December 6, 2009

Trying My Hand

I was inspired by Rita's practical post on natural light portraiture so we took a time out from tree trimming and grabbed a black blanket and -- ta da
I struggled a bit with over exposure so will need to do some fine tuning with metering but overall, I love the results. 
Did I tell you that a friend has asked me to take pics of her daughter? Yep. I'm a bit ambivalent about it. Photography is very much a sanity-saving hobby. I do not want to intrude on those skilled professionals that make their livelihood taking pictures. We've agreed she can make me cookies . . . that seems like a fair trade. Besides, I'm afraid I can't guarantee the results:) 
While on the topic of vocation and avocation . . . I'm doing some tough thinking about the work I do and its sustainability. I've been flirting with burn out for weeks and now, I think I'm there. Its not unexpected. This particular position feels a bit like being an ER doc or a fire fighter -- running from one crisis to another. And I don't drink, so there goes that coping strategy:) So I'm laying low this weekend, thinking about my options, hoping that I can work out something doable with my supervisor 'cause I really like working with this level of intensity but I need to keep the long view. 
The holidays are both a hindrance and a blessing as I try to sort this out. A hindrance because with the holidays come a pressure to decorate, shop, entertain and be generally jolly. The blessing is the time spent with friends and family, enjoying their company and the diversion that all that decorating, shopping and entertaining can bring. 

Now off to the couch, in front of our beautifully decorated tree with my book and coffee. Hubby and kids are rattling the legos around as they build something, I'm sure, spectacular. Eventually I'll have to figure out what's for breakfast and make plans for getting something done with the day. For now, I'm just going to absorb the quiet of the morning. 

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robinbird said...

oh wow!! i see what you mean about these portraits! the blanket is pure brilliance and innovation! and of course family cooperation must have been a solid 10 that day as well! i don't think i can say it enough... your children are beautiful :) you are coming into your own as a photographer heather. you have a natural eye of composition and of course your love of life's little details just shine out in your work!