Friday, December 11, 2009

Ballet Class

This past Monday was Sis' last dance class of the term. Parents had been banned from the classes, if you'll remember, but on this, the last day, we all got to sit quietly on the bench and watch our little ballerinas.
They were adorable! Very serious as they ran and jumped and slipped and slid all over the room. At one point, they were all sitting on their bottoms and spinning in circles. Now, I've never taken ballet or dance of any sort. Those of you that have, what move is that exactly? :)
Here she is rolling on the floor. Um, not sure of that move either. They had a blast making up their own moves to a diverse selection of music. They clearly adored their teacher who was fun but kept all the little muchkins well in line.
At the end of class, I bribed Sis to go back to the bar and do a little this and that so I could take pictures. So cute. I seriously considered joining an adult class. I'm not sure they have classes elementary enough for me . . . I mean, I can sit and spin or roll with the best preschoolers. Anything much more than that, and I may do myself injury.
I've been suggesting, hinting, begging my similarly dance-inhibited spouse to take lessons with me for years. Perhaps his refusal is my saving grace. Neither of us have done much more than a little boogie when no one is watching. We'd likely tangle ourselves up in a knot, impede the learning progress of our classmates and cause our teacher to kindly suggest private lessons. I'm just saying . . . it could be that bad.

My little girl will not suffer the same inhibition. She wiggles and dances with the best of them. And to be honest, I rock out with her when nobody is looking;)


Anonymous said...

what sweet photos. ive been wanting to take latin dancing lessons for hyears but have been he,ld back by my hubby's refusal to accompany me.

robinbird said...

this really made me laugh! the rolling around and kicking up the dust bunnies is so cute when done by someone under 10 years old :) each and every one of these photos are one of a kind keepers! completely perfect and oh so pink!