Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tree, likely to be one of several parts

We got our tree last night! Hubby left work earlier, rushed to pick up Sis while I got Big D and then we headed into the hills. Which is literally out our door and a drive of maybe a couple of miles. Not exactly "over the hills and through the woods" -- we're lucky that way! We arrived close to sunset and tramped through the tree farm, examining trees and then moving along, looking for just the right specimen. 
I brought along my camera and new lens. I'm in love. Just love. It took such bright pictures despite the deepening dark . . . At some point, it was too dark to capture my little elves who were in constant motion without significant blur. Especially Big D. Hence a lack of pics with his sweet little person. 
Sis kept finding trees just her size. Wanted to take them all home. Perhaps make them pets . . . which is a prominent play theme these days:) But this mama had a different vision. A tall, full tree framed by the bay window at the front of the house. Lots of lights. Ah. 
This magical tree farm had a "snow" machine and every 5 minutes, "flakes" of soapy bubbles would fill the air. My kids were fascinated. Well, until Big D made a connection between the bubbles and what he remembered about spit bugs. He announced it was "disgusting -- maybe they have a hundred spit bugs in that thing." We got to see beautiful clydesdale horses pulling a lit wagon full of happy people -- we weren't some of those happy people as they were charging the equivalent of your first born. There was a train display and a cute shop of Christmas ornaments and the crafts featuring the lavender from a nearby farm. 
It was a lovely experience. A tradition that I value from my own childhood. Of course, it was complete with my own very human children - Sis had herself a little tantrum of ugliness. You wouldn't guess it looking at her sweet face in the pics. She's a sprite. I keep reminding myself that I'll be grateful for her strong will when she is a young woman, making her way in the world. She will not be a victim. She will pursue her dreams with determination. We just have to survive her childhood:) 

As I type, she is dancing in her Christmas pj's while Big D tells daddy an endless story . . . they are anxious to get on with the day. They want stories, to decorate the tree and I'm not sure what else. Perhaps we will start some baking or finish up some crafts. Enjoy the day!

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