Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bare Necessities

Heading back to work today . . . been away a week, how come I don't feel refreshed and rejuvenated? :) We all know why. 'Cause we're the women of our households. Responsible for creating and supplying the holiday experience to our families. What may be a vacation for the other (male) adults in our lives, is a labor of love on our parts. No, I'm not bitter. Far from it actually. I've had me some good conversation with smart women that I love and whose advice I value . . . The reality is that I can not reproduce the holidays of my childhood. For one, they were orchestrated by my grandmother who had no children at home and didn't work. And for another, I am my own unique person and will create my own unique set of traditions and rituals to mark the holidays for my children. So here's my list of bare necessities that I believe that I and my family will need on a daily basis for a happy and successful holiday . . . 

1. Good eats -- sometimes healthy:)
2. Exercise and fresh air
3. Rest
4. Loved ones to do the above with . . . 

Everything else is gravy. I wish for myself and my family a simple holiday. Ah, already feeling more zen about the coming weeks:) 

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