Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Lil' Pumpkins

Crazy little muffins -- there's a great shot, that I can't find (hmm . . . ) of Big D with his eyes crossed. Hilarious! They share their mama's love of pumpkins and all things fall and orange. They've been collecting leaves to press for days. Yesterday, in the Target parking lot, Sis insisted in coming to a full stop, to pick up a shredded, sad little leave. All leaves of fall color are treasures!
We splurged on treats while at the pumpkin patch, knowing full well that neither kid could really finish these massive caramel apples concoctions. They gave it there best bet. Sis managed to eat all the good stuff off the apple and Big D actually got some of the apple. This mama snapped pics and snuck bits when she could. 
I just love the concentration on her face and her little legs sticking straight out in this shot. Have I mentioned before that its a good things she's so cute 'cause Lord have mercy she's a handful! She's practicing the tween years now. If I had a buck for every time, in a single day, I hear no or I'm not going to, I'd be able to buy dinner! After two hours of NOT napping yesterday, we struck a deal. She could follow me around the house while I did some cleaning and NOT sleep (which clearly she was already NOT doing) but if she got cranky, to bed she'd go. Worked ok . . . imagine my hubby's confusion and amusement when he was getting her ready for bed and she trilled, "If I'm angry, I have to go to bed.  I have to stay awake. I'm happy!"
It's getting so hard to get a picture of these two together -- Big D is always clowning. (I will have to find the cross-eyed picture!) and Sis is usually grouching at him and shying away. Ah, the joys. 

Since Sis was not napping so I was not reading quietly or browsing the web . . . I tackled Big D's room. Its amazing the things that can happen in a 6 year olds bedroom if left unattended for a week or two . . . dug out all the hidden laundry tucked here and there, stealthily tossed all manner of detritus, and sorted out the boy's overcrowded bookshelves. I was a little concerned that when I told him what I'd been up to that he'd panic. I mean who knows what treasures could have moved or removed! Instead I got a sweet thank you and a ready agreement to sort out his stuffed animals. Warmed my heart, really. 

Off to another week's work. Looks less intense then the last! Enjoy. 

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Jaime said...

You have such beautiful children.

And oh..that apple...I just want to sink my teeth right into that gooey goodness!