Monday, October 12, 2009

Are ya tired of pumpkins yet?

Baby pumpkins are adorable! When I was a kid, we grew our own patch of mini pumpkins and then shared with our pals at school. My kids share my love and fascination . . . in fact, see that little orange beauty? Sis slept with it last night. 
Big D would have done the same, I'm sure, if he hadn't given his to his grandpa. He mourned the loss later and promptly claimed one of my own (artfully arranged on the fireplace mantle, mind you!) as his own. 
We had a wonderful pumpkin trip with the grandparents yesterday. Clear, breezy and crisp. There are two large (and only one cracked . . . ) pumpkins sitting on my porch. We are putting off the carving as our experience has shown that rain and Jack O Lantern do not mix -- they begin to resemble the sunken in faces of perhaps the very old. At least before they fall apart completely. 
This will perhaps be the last bee picture of the year. There were a few brave souls visiting the last of the fall flowers. Perhaps it was my imagination, but they just didn't look as bright and lovely as they had early in the summer. 
Big D and his big pumpkin. I have scores of kid pics with their pumpkins. I may have to post yet a whole other entry on pumpkins:) Geez, will it ever end. 

Do you belief in prescient dreams? I think that a few years back, I would have been iffy on the topic but I had an interesting experience when one of our family friend's had her first baby. The name had been kept "top secret" -- they were holding out to surprise us all when the little guy made his appearance. The night she went into labor, they called to tell us they were going to the hospital. That night, I dreamed that the father told me that the baby's name was Seth. Next morning, I woke, laughingly told hubby the story and then thought nothing of it. While I was getting out of the shower, I heard hubby coming up the stairs with the phone, saying, "I'll let you tell her." Sure 'nough. The father is on the phone and the first thing he says is, "So, do you know the middle name?" Kinda freaky. I have thought that perhaps this child and I have a unique bond. There must be some reason that I would be given that dream. 

Last night I had a dream about a dear friend with whom I've had a falling out. It has been incredibly sad and painful -- not my choice at all but I've exhausted what I think I can do to remedy the situation. In this dream, she was in trouble and she came to me for help. I was worried for her but relieved that we could move past this misunderstanding. Today I'm struggling with what to do. On the basis of a dream, do I reach out to her once again? Her rejection has been so complete and my hurt so big that I don't know that I want to  open myself up to it again. Oy, I should be more courageous than that, right? 

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