Saturday, October 17, 2009

Delicate Diamonds

Yesterday, in the midst of yet another no-napping afternoon for Little Sis, I snuck out on the patio with my camera after a rain. I thought I'd wander the backyard and see what jumped out at me . . . fortunately, the owner of this beautiful web, spun in one of my Japanese Maples, wasn't home. 
It was stunning. The light shimmering on the hundreds of delicate beads of water. If I were a diamond kind of girl -- this is what I'd want to wear. In fact, I find myself fantasizing about the ways one could turn Fall into wearable art! Would the colors be as breathtaking, say, in a sweater or shirt? Or is the visual power inextricably linked to the surprise we feel in seeing it appear in trees? 
I took a walk with the family just before sunset, hoping for more magical shots. No luck despite there being plenty of spiders dangling from webs on virtually every available tree branch and limb. Ick. 

Today will hopefully be delightfully slow. After some debate, got me the flu shot yesterday. The first I've ever had. Feeling a little punky though to be honest, a good 1/3 of my coworkers have been out with some virus or another in the last week. So I'll nurse this cup of coffee and then hit the couch with a magazine. We'll see how long the chilluns allow for such slothfulness!


georgia b. said...

the last two are exquisite!

Jaime said...

These are absolutely beautiful! The diamonds you've captured and the gorgeous colours in the background.
Spiders have their good points too.(as long as they stay out of the house ;)

robinbird said...

i love the whimsy of your thoughts and ideas of wearable nature. this is exactly what god created naps that the artist might be free to let the heart wander towards such lovely imaginings without interruption : )