Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blown in the Wind

Today was beautiful. A perfect opposite of the storm and wet of yesterday. Hubby and I had the babysitter come over this morning so we could go to a spinning class together. On our leisurely drive home, I saw the tennis court chain link fence peppered with brightly colored leaves. As luck would have it, my camera was stashed in the car so I got out and enjoyed a few quiet minutes taking pictures before walking home.
I must have been quite the sight -- sweaty, nasty work out clothes, crouching in the muck with my camera. Wandering dog walkers likely looked askance and then hurried away! But I love that the wind arranged such a beautiful spectacle. You couldn't plan it any better. I imagine the two leaves above are star crossed lovers, tangled in a web not of their own making. Doesn't it look as if they have been captured in a caress? 
The unique perspective of looking through and around dozens or hundred, maybe thousands, of links creates a sense of endlessness. Infinity. Keeping time with leaves and dew drops. 
So it's the end of another weekend. Weathered the foul weather. Enjoyed taking pictures. Had a hair cut and spent a wonderful afternoon with a friend. There were other good things too -- poached pears, pumpkin spice creamer in the coffee and house projects underway. I'd like to linger in the reflection of time well spent. Not rush too quickly ahead into a new week with unknown challenges and adventures. This is my challenge, has been and continues to be, to savor the moment. To experience it in its fullness. My tendency is to think several steps ahead. Plan and worry and speculate. These are great survival skills as a busy mom wearing several hats but they aren't great relishing skills. 

My goal tomorrow is to keep my eyes wide open. To feel and see and sink into the day and what it has to offer. Perhaps I'll be lucky enough to see something wonderful to share with you!


Jaime said...

Oh that first picture!

That is what I immediately thought too...they are in a lover's embrace, either brought together by the wind, or hugging tightly before the wind separates them forever.

How romantic.

georgia b. said...

i just saw the one of this series on s.s. o.w.p.

all beautiful, but that one that s.s. chose is just way cool!

i love love love these! glad you had some nice fall weather to shoot in.

love what you have written here, too. sometimes i get so wrapped up in your beautiful photos, i forget what a good writer you are.