Thursday, September 17, 2009

What's Your Play #63

Big week for growing up my photo-editing skills! Learned how to use some actions from Coffee Shop and once I ask my sweet friend for permission, and assuming she'll grant it:), I'll post the results! Getting more comfortable with layers and effects and just "stuff." This attempt at What's Your Play wasn't completely satisfying for me. Got stuck on how to control the background layer and finally gave up. So let's see. What did I do with it? Cropped, played with levels, contrast, added a texture and a clipping mask . . . I should probably take notes so that I can remember! Once I flatten the sucker, all those details fly out of my short term memory. 
Here's the original . . . beautiful horse. 

We had a little drama at our house this morning. My insides are still a bit like jelly, in fact. Sis was laughing while chewing on her vitamin tablet and she started to choke. It was terrifying! I was a lifeguard for years in high school and college. I used to pride myself on quick acting in the face of an emergency. Something different happens to me when its my children. The adrenaline, the fear, the dreamlike sense that I can't organize my body fast enough to stop this awful things from happening. It was probably just seconds but in that time, I had already imagined the worst.  She wasn't breathing or gasping, her face was red . . . By the time I had her out of her seat and my hands fumbling to find the right place for the Heimlich, she was fine. Thank God my husband was thinking clearly 'cause I'm not sure I would have noticed that the tablet had popped back on her tongue without him telling me. So we all had a bit of a cry and then resumed breakfast as usual. 

It's the last day of the work week! Looking forward to breaking in Dan Brown's new book and spending some time on Christmas photo projects. I'd love to have a head start on gifts this year. 


Anonymous said...

Wonderful treatment with the textures and added background. Thanks for playing along this week despite the scare you had with the vitamin. I wouldn't have known what to do! So glad it ended well. Whew!

Hope to see you again!

robinbird said...

look over there---> wow! you have followers! :) it was such a great adventure for me to learn photoshop once i got past understanding what a layer was.. girl you are miles beyond where i was when i began!
and yes!! as laura says phew! i can see how you all would have burst into tears :|

puna said...

Nice edit!

Killlashandra said...

Coffee SHop has some great actions! I use a bunch of her stuff too. :) Your edited turned out excellent. I like the rough edges and the brighter colors.

Glad no harm came from that vitamin!