Friday, September 18, 2009

How to spend a lazy Friday morning -- when you shouldn't!

Woke this morning dragging bum and wishing that I could stay curled in bed with a book . . . but alas, Big D had homework to complete, Sis was grumpy and I was parent on deck. Fridays are the catch up and get ahead days around here. When I was growing up, Friday was called "preparation day."  Household cleaning and grocery shopping and meal prep all got done, or started, before sundown on Friday in readiness for the Sabbath. And we all had our specific contributions -- the older my sister and I were, the more we did to get the house ready. My tots are too small to be of much help. Its feels like an accomplishment that both of them make their beds and put their laundry in the hamper. 
But this entry is about how not to get things done on a lazy Friday morning. You start by sitting down for breakfast in your pj's, plan a few fun but unnecessary errands, drop off the Big Boy and when you return home, pour another cup of coffee and play with creating vignette effects. This may require letting the little one watch PBS and ignoring the stack of dishes on the counter. You'll get to it, eventually. 

If you've been hanging around here lone, you've probably seen this pics in an unaltered state a month of so back. Today I made the colors "pop" and then followed the step-by-step instructions from Coffee Shop for creating a vignette. Fun! I think I may want to go back and deepen the edges. What do you think?

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robinbird said...

you already know my addiction keeps me away from all the things i am supposed to be doing so i certainly understand and i even encourage you to skive off on your chores. in your jammies is good too.

i love the new clean look of your blog..and the banner?! one of my fav photos and textured too! :)

i think i have a tendency to take my edits one itty bitty step too far. my mentor, diane always stays within the boundary of believable and even though i could never do that ;) i do think your vignette is subtle yet quite believable. you can see it but not so that it looks like you created it.. is that a good thing? i love the photographs themselves. your golden whet/weeds are a perfect reminder of fall.