Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Belated First Day of School

Quick and dirty of the Big D's first week in first grade--
Me: "Are you ready for me to go?"
Big D: "Yes. Go away, birdie [reference to Bug's Life]."

This followed by a slight push away with his hand. Wow, plop a 6 yr old in a classroom with other little 6 and 7 yr old boys and suddenly mom is expendable. When did that happen? I was prepared for the whole "ew, yuck. Don't kiss me in front of the kids" thing in junior high. But now? My mommy heart broke. 

Since that first awkward morning of getting acquainted or re-acquainted with his buddies, he has sweetened up. Giving me little sneaky side hugs before pushing me out the doors!

Soccer starts this Friday -- fun pics for mama:) 

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georgia b. said...

adorable! what gorgeous blue eyes he's got!

i still remember my first day of first grade after all these years. and it's the only grade that i remember my first day of for some reason.