Monday, August 3, 2009

Splashing Good Time

I've finally gotten around to pulling up summer photos of water play pics from the deep-dark archives . . . These first two are from this summer's fountain visits. Big D clearly enjoys all manner of silly, jumping and charging through the water with reckless abandon. 
Little Sis has come into her own in the water this year. She doesn't seem to need Big D  in order to explore the fountains. She darts into the water, giggling with delight and then comes back to announce, "I got my whole face in the water, mama!" This summer marks the beginning of a whole new level of independence for both kids. This mama can sit on the periphery, snapping pics and offering the occasional word of encouragement (or correction). It's lovely!
Our first summer of fountain-exploration was when Big D was a wee mite of 1 year. We played in the water and savored his very first icecream cone on Father's Day '04. We took lots of pics and most include legs and fingers of parental persons, balancing the unsteady toddler. Many are just slightly soft in their focus. 
This photo is in Big D's 3rd year -- a baby sister had just arrived. He's enjoying the play and freedom while mama sits in the shade, likely nursing.
And this is just last summer! Kiddos are 2 and 5 years. What a difference in the last several years -- both in the children's growth and in the photography! 

It's hard to belief it's August already. We haven't even dipped our toes into some of our most favorite fountains. The summer is slipping away so quickly . . . I hate to see it go. Soon Big D will start 1st grade and we'll settle into a new school-time routine. I'm setting the challenge for myself to savor these last days of summer with the children. Play, laugh, create memories in the sun!

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robinbird said...

i adore that toddler photograph of Devon! this is a great photojournalistic follow-up on the Shutter Sisters piece!