Saturday, April 18, 2009


I've been reflecting on the questions that Tracy posed over at ShutterSisters which in my mind I've summed up as: What inspires you? Why do you take the pictures that you do? Right now, what inspires me is the notion that here is a subject I can take a half-decent picture of! I feel a bit like a kid at an Easter Egg hunt, carrying my camera hopefully, looking for bright colored eggs hidden in the ho-hum every day. I still feel a little sheepish when I get all excited, stepping off the path and kneeling in the dirt to capture some new-born flower. Not too long ago, on the same family walk that the above pic was found, I could be seen stretched out on the path taking pictures of a newt with my children on their hands on knees looking on in wonder in the background. Perhaps the theme that my photos contain for me is wonder -- at the beauty of my children and the natural world. 

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Georgia B. said...

beautiful photo. beautiful post.