Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

My dear Sweet Girl -- 

I think it's pretty special that your 3rd birthday fell on Easter this year! The anticipation and joy of Spring seem delightfully packaged in colorful eggs and the sheer abandon of joyful children. 
You are a little sprite -- full of energy, spunk and, at the moment, a tremendous amount of independence . . . your daddy and I talk about the grown up girl you're becoming and the strong woman you'll one day be. You make us both so proud. 
You're just about the only little girl I know that loves dinosaurs, trucks and bugs. I think Big D may have something to do with that:) But at this stage in your development, you're a "girlie girl," too . . . you were just as excited with the new clothes and barrettes as you were the toys. Mama is still hoping we can skip the "princess" stage. Pretty please?
We had a near disaster when your monstrous piece of cake hit the floor! Never fear, a replacement was found post haste. 
If the first three years are any indicator, well before I'm ready, you'll be all grown up. One day you'll be a mommy and you'll know this bittersweet feeling . . . the pride and joy and sadness all in one. My baby has left her babyhood behind. Sweet girl, I love you!


robinbird said...

look at your new header!! magnificent! all of the birthday photos are wonderful but my two favs are....her behind the balloons and the jumping darling girly girl :)
hope you are having a good week.

Georgia B. said...

oh, my goodness! she is absolutely adorable!!

great pictures!