Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reflect and Anticipate

Sunday evening seems like a good time to reflect on the prior week and begin to anticipate the next. I almost said something about resolving to do this and that in the coming week but I'm trying not to become attached to outcomes. Tricky as I'd still like to get a few things done:) 
This past week's triumphs were completing the requirements for licensure, meeting my triathlon training goals and reducing, though not eliminating, media time. Of course, photography and editing excluded! 
So what about this week? Not really over the hump of figuring out how to routinely meet training goals. It is so hard to get out of the bed early before work and nearly impossible to force myself at the end of the day. I've been cramming all the training into the four days I don't work. Doable at the current level of intensity and duration. Not so much in a few more weeks. And then there's balance and my children and . . . stop. Focus. I'd also like to spend a few minutes each morning while hubby is showering to meditate. This would be a new practice for me. I'm a little uncertain how to get started and will be glad to have the kids sleeping and husband behind a closed door! 

What's on your plate this week? 

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robin bird said...

i admire you for taking all of this on and yet being clear with yourself, not willing to feel pushed by anything unless you give it permission. what lovely green hearts!