Monday, March 15, 2010


Reminding myself, on the eve of another work week, of the things and people and intangibles that fill me with gratitude:
1. A husband who, as I type, is washing the bowl he just mixed our baked oatmeal in. Because of his kindness, we will have a hot breakfast and cut grapefruit to begin our day.
2. A quiet house. The children are sleeping. Ah.
3. Longer days -- meaning, when we all return home in the evening, we can begin to walk outdoors, play, even eat our suppers on the porch. It is the beginning of my favorite time of the year!
4. Laundry done (though not put away).
5. A delicious curry supper that the whole family enjoyed. That's a rarity!
6. Healthy children who are growing and full of energy and love. More on that later . . .
7. Good friends who celebrate in my successes and encourage me.
8. A mind that likes to stretch and grow and think thoughts worth thinking!
9. Strong body that also likes to stretch (but we'll not discuss the growing!)
10. Productive day. A sigh of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Today while driving to pick up Big D from school, Sis had quite an imaginative game going from the back seat. She was a cook in a restaurant and she kept taking my orders. If I happened to misunderstand what it was I needed to request, she would prompt me helpfully. Then the game shifted ever so slightly and she announced that I would be her Sweetie and she continue to be my cook. Our dialogue went something like this:

What do you want to eat, Sweetie?

I would like apples with peanut butter.

Ok, Sweetie. 

Thank you, Yum, Yum.

What else would you like to eat, Sweetie?

Um. Crackers, please.

Alright, Sweetie.

This continued with mild variations. If very much felt as if I was listening in on a typical mid day snack discussion, except our roles had been reversed. It was reassuring to hear her kind, gentle tone. My hope being, of course, that that is how she experiences my communication with her. Oh, I know that there are plenty of times when my scary voice is, well, scary. And certainly both of my sweet tots let me know when they disapprove of my mothering ways . . . but in sweet play like this, I choose to believe that this is how they generally experience me.

It's been a beautiful day!

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