Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Today's Shutter Sisters challenge is to share photos of either our own or our children's sibling relationship . . . my two favorite subjects in a single photo! I know that my own relationship with my sib (younger sister by nearly 2 years) was rocky for quite some time while growing up. No doubt I was an aggravating older sister that bossed and she was an independent younger sister determined to set me straight! My parents remember a time when we were little when we played well with each other -- best friends, they say. Junior High and High School were brutal. And now, in adulthood and with children of our own, we're friends. I so enjoy and appreciate that.
My two are in an in-between stage -- they vacillate between hugs and holding hands and tattling and general ickiness. This morning, for example, they've been upstairs getting dressed forever. Running up and down the hall, giggling, being silly. They like each other this morning. Lots of hugs all around.
They are so different. My son is sensitive and artistic. A little hesitant. My daughter is a sprite. Needs to be in charge and will go toe to toe with us all if she deems necessary! They are beautiful and sweet. I hope we can help them avoid the strife that seems to mark so many sibling relationships. That they can be each other's most loyal friend.


Missy said...

great sibling post for SS!

robinbird said...

the middle photo..oh my goodness they are growing up and are beautiful! you are managing to get some great poses that aren't poses!