Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Bokeh

We had a little pre-breakfast fun today in Christmas pj's. The furry friend is "Jingle," a musical moose. Or is he a reindeer? I was inspired by today's post at ShutterSisters, explaining how to achieve glorious "bokeh bubbles," to steal Sarah's apt descriptor.
I'm loving the possibilities that all the twinkly lights present . . . And adorable, excited children. Now the only problem is that they don't sit still! My skill with the focus on my 50mm prime is still somewhat deficient to the task. But I had an aha moment about the wonders of masks and the sharpening!
Here Christmas Moose has his own moment of fame. He's been my son's pal since he was a wee toddler of about 18 months. His batteries never seem to run down . . . Little Sis had made him her "pet" this year and he has been to and from school multiple times. And woe be unto which ever parent forgets to retrieve him at the end of the day!
These last two are repeats from earlier in the season -- still my favorites thus far!
I'm packing my camera with me today as we attempt to finish up some shopping and visit with a friend and her adorable baby. Ah, it feels so wonderful to be settling in for some quality time with family and friends. When I feel my need to form to-do lists and get anxious about the baking and cleaning, I remind myself of my desire to really relish the holidays this year. Its time to recuperate, for myself and my family. Cheers!

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Sandi said...

Love your bokeh. Your photos are gorgeous!