Wednesday, November 4, 2009


It might be that the title is wishful thinking . . . that I'll be able to wrestle up some thoughtful thoughts:) 

Today I am not working AND, and this is what makes it all so exciting, my kids are still going to school! I have the whole day (well, until 3:15 when there's a parent teacher conference for Big D) to myself. How did this miracle occur? Let me tell you while more thoughtful thoughts are percolating. I usually work Tuesday through Thursday but this week, I attended a two-day conference. A fabulous, exciting training on Collaborative Problem Solving -- a philosophy for better understanding and helping children with behavior problems. I've been practicing CPS for two years and this was an opportunity to get more advanced training, answer questions that have stemmed from my work with clients and families and get my creative juices flowing on new ways to support them going forward. In fact, part of my day at home will be work but its hard to make preparing for the first CPS parent support group as work! 

What else will I do with my day? Crafting! Can't wait to really make a dent on my photo Christmas projects. They're coming out rather nicely. I need to brainstorm some ways to create ornaments out of the finished bottle caps which will necessitate a trip to the craft story -- again. Not exactly painful:) I'm also hoping to meet the new baby of a dear friend who will be 2 weeks old on Friday. I've had to delay a visit due to Big D's flu bug and now I've got a scratchy throat. Damn! We'll see how the new mama feels about a possibly viral-laden visitor . . . 

Looks like that may be what I've got for "reflections" today:) Enjoy the beautiful fall weather. A colleague and I had to make a 2-hour drive to and from the training but it was well worth it for the companionship and the beautiful sun and moon rises. I'm hoping to sneak out this evening and capture that gorgeous orb before it begins to wain. 

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