Sunday, November 22, 2009

Family portraits, sort of

Yesterday after church and before lunch -- why is it that parents seem to feel that this sliver of time when everybody is hungry and can smell food in the other room is ideal for family pictures? Maybe it's just my family! This was especially true of holidays. It never failed that while in route home from church, my mother would announce that we were not to change when we got home because she wanted to get a few pictures. It's finally happened. I've turned into my mother though I think I earn bonus points for allowing them to change into jeans first! 
You may be wondering why I threw the kids on the bed to take pictures. Light, dear folks, light. There hasn't been much of it around these days what with the clouds and rain. We were having a brief reprieve so I threw open our bedroom blinds and pulled back the duvet for a brighter back/foreground. Plus, I got to play with my remote shutter release for the first time. How fun is that! My plan is to keep experimenting until a photo turns out worthy of Christmas cards. 
Oh, these sweet children with their beautiful eyes.  So a word on indoor photography. Just one really. HELP! This is a whole new learning challenge for me. The lighting, slow shutter speeds, changing the ISO and resultant noise. I think its time for another photography class. Perhaps I'll put it on my Christmas list:) 
Today represents the single day of respite before the full-court press that is the holiday season. We're tackling all manner of household chores in hopes that come Wednesday, it still looks decent around here. We'll finally get to move the kitchen table back into the house. Pictures to come . . .