Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall Walk

The weather forecast says we've just got a couple more days of crisp, fall days before the rain begins . . . so we found ourselves on two walks yesterday, catching the colors and light while it lasts. My in laws are visiting with us this weekend. They arrived early Friday afternoon to watch Big D play soccer and today, we'll hit the pumpkin patch. Again. 
Our first walk found us in a forgotten clover field. We walked and ran and played in knee deep clover. The boys found a snake and we all caught a glimpse or two of feral (or want to be feral) cats on the prowl. Hubby took some adorable pics of Sis and I laughing in the clover except he didn't quite understand the auto focus . . . . we're thinking of a return trip at about dusk. Yummy!
Big D picked thirty (literally, thirty. He was counting) clover to put in a vase at home. They were quite sweet until they drooped. 
There are a few of these puffy dandelions left as well. I keep trying to capture the image of the fluff blowing away. Can't quite get it the way I envision it. 

I'm relishing the sun and beauty of fall this weekend. Hoping to recharge in prep for another long work week. Last week was intense. Lots of clients and their families in crisis. There's not much more I can or want to say other than I ended the week exhausted. I struggle with feeling guilty when there's not much more of me left to give to my own children or when after working 12 hour days, I have to come home and do paperwork so that I don't drown in the coming week. It's not like this all the time. It comes and goes in waves. I'd forgotten for several weeks that things can be this intense . . . I'm plotting and planning ways to manage this balance a bit better. I'm excited about some training opportunities in the coming month as well as starting some parent education/support groups. 

In the meantime, things that have got me excited today? The pumpkin patch, yummy Gouda/mushroom omelets that I'm about to make, planning/prepping to refinish my kitchen table and buying some unfinished chairs to go with. I'm feeling the homey, nesting fall feeling. Ah, yes. And potato soup! Enjoy.


georgia b. said...

these shots are beautiful. lovely lovely captures. looks like a wonderful walk. i too was on a fall walk yesterday. one of my good friends organizes an annual get-together where she invites anyone who wants to {family and friends} to go on a walk with her and her family every fall. it started out with just a few and has grown to a group of over 50 over the years. although it was very cold, it was a beautiful walk. it's something i look forward to every year. this year we went to a preserve called crabtree nature preserve. it's very beautiful there. and it's so much fun to see the kids. so many there this year.

Heather said...

What a wonderful tradition. I've been thinking quite a bit, as the holidays approach, about traditions and rituals I want to start with my kids. I always think bigger than I have the energy (or know how) to follow through -- a fall walk, that I could do! Look forward to seeing the pics.

robinbird said...

a handful of purple clover given with love..awww that is my new favorite of the kids. perfect! you do capture the essence of things very well in all things you choose to photograph!