Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Fairy

My parents were visiting this weekend and I was all geared up to do some family portraits -- even bought a remote for my camera! And then my little guy came down with the dreaded swine flu. Poor kid. Spent his weekend feeling lousy and missing out on the fun. He's still feverish but looks like he's on the upswing. Crossing fingers . . . 
So Saturday, I took my parents and Little Sis on a fall walk. The weather was clear and the colors lovely! She is such a little ham and was soaking up the one-on-one attention from her grandparents. 
My dad recently bought a Nikon d40 so we had some informal photography tips/lessons so he could familiarize himself with his new toy. Last Christmas, he gave my sister and I CD's of old family photographs. I was amazed at some of the beautiful portraits he did of my mother when they were first married. Once he gets a hang of the digital camera, I think he'll really enjoy capturing his favorite people in pictures. 
I woke this morning to dark and rainy skies. Winter is creeping closer . . . I looked at the calendar today and realized that there are only three short weeks (or thereabouts) until Thanksgiving. We have a dining table partially stripped and chairs that need staining. My hope had been to get it done before Thanksgiving. And then there are all the Christmas crafty gifts that I want to do . . . 
What photo-related gifts are you all giving or making? I'm percolating some ideas . . . I'll show you some samples once I have something to show!

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georgia b. said...

she's such a cutey! these are all so cute, but the third shot is just awesome! i love the way she can be seen blurred in the background with a sincere smile that shows sincere joy through the leaves in mid air. such a happy image.