Friday, October 30, 2009


When my parents were here last weekend, my dad and I snuck across the street to the location of a burnt out road house. The goal was to help my dad get better acquainted with his camera and to get some pics of the overgrown and neglected apple orchards. 
Clearly what I've got here is the same picture done up three different ways. I am such an editing baby! I swear. If I was exceptionally bright, I'd take notes so that I don't have to relearn it each and every time. 
It's been a long week, folks. Big D is still recouping from the nasty flu. Took him to the store with me today -- a brief trip. Promise. He had all the signs of recovery. Absence of fever, running around like a crazy monkey and generally seeming a little stir crazy. We weren't in the store 10 minutes and suddenly he said he felt "really sick" and he look decidedly grey. Uh-oh. Did a mad scramble for appropriate vomit-catching material but he was right as rain within a few minutes. Took him home and he ate a large lunch and then was too wound up to nap . . . I, on the other hand, could have slept for HOURS. 

To be on the safe side, we took him to the pediatrician's office for a looksie. This, ladies and gentlemen, is sheer hell with a side hand sanitizer! I think that I begged a dozen times easy for the two of them to "don't touch that" and "sit still" and "please don't touch your face!" I literally brought my own handy wipes and still made the kids use the hand gel at the counter TWICE.  We're likely to bring something gnarly home with us, as a souvenir of the 2 hours spent wrangling crazed children in a confined space. 

I swear, my kids have an uncanny ability of pulling it all together when they arrive at the Dr. office. They may have been dragging puny backsides around the house on the verge of death itself and then suddenly, they are healed! I feel like such a liar telling the doctor that my dear son nearly passed out when he is jumping around in such an adorable fashion. 

What are your family's Halloween plans? We plan on getting the kids into their costumes (that's if we can pull something together at the VERY last minute) and taking pictures. Also plan on spending as much time in PJ's as possible. Started a couple hours ago and am going strong . . . 

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