Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lions, oh my!

Today found us admiring the the big cats at the whole new African exhibit at the Oregon Zoo. They put on a show for us. Laying about on a rock, all photogenic. I swear this gal above is posing. 
And just look at that tongue! I love the grace and power of the big cats -- whatever breed they may be. Not sure I can put my finger on what is so appealing to me. Perhaps its the power in a beautiful, graceful body. I think it may be the contradiction between their sometimes playful demeanor and the fearsome hunter. They may look like cuddle kitties but beware -- the unsheathed claws in the first photo or the teeth hidden behind the monster pink tongue.
My two tots were a little worried about seeing the lions (hyenas and cheetahs, too). They were sure they'd roar and be scary. But quite quickly, they joined the throng of spectators all but throwing themselves against the barriers to catch a glimpse of the three big, stately cats.
It's late and I'm going to put my computer to bed for the night. We had a wonderful morning at the zoo with many photo ops -- can't wait to show you what we saw at the bird show! And then later in the afternoon, a walk at a new park we discovered. Something to show you from there as well. 

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