Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Yesterday was Little Sis' first ballet class. In all honesty, she was pretty excited, especially about her hot pink leotard . . . but I was the most enthusiastic. The pink, princess girl stuff snuck up on me! When I was pregnant with Sis, I told friends and family that we were avoiding pink. I hoped to avoid the whole Disney stage. Oh vain, vain hope. (Though I think its a personal triumph that we currently do not own any princess videos or costumes. Knock on wood). 
Last week the whole family took a trip to Target to purchase the dance uniform. I've never had to look for such items. I honestly didn't know where to start. My growing up years shunned any form of dance. There were no school or church dances or proms. We had banquets instead. Ok, once, I had a boyfriend in college who was raised in a different faith who danced. He tried to teach me but I was all stiff with self-consienceness. (But I secretly believe that I'd be a great dancer and regularly rock out when no one is looking). 
Target was not my proudest parenting moment. We all stood in front of the single display of little girl dance costumes. Miss Sis had fixated on the hot pink number you see in the pictures but I was equally fixated and nearly as adamant that a light pink leotard with a sweet little skirt was the better option. I had a vision of what she'd look like in the fabulous pictures I'd take of her a she pirouetted about the room. It was not to be -- despite begging and bribery and the added attempts of daddy and Big D. 
Ultimately, the jokes on me. When we arrived at the rec department classroom, the electricity was out in the basement classroom. Fortunately, large windows let in plenty of light for dancing but not so much for action shots. Then the instructor, who was fantastic with the girls, informed all the doting mamas and papas that we'd be welcome only at the first and last class . . . darn it! Missed photo opportunities. 
What pictures I took that weren't hopelessly blurred were taken at a too slow shutter speed and while trying to be unobtrusive. Sis loved the class -- she sang (without music), leaped, held hands with other little girls and generally had a wonderful time. I'm planning some stealth photography through the classroom windows. That's not wrong, right? 

On the subject of cameras and lens options. I was frustrated to realize that the Nikon D60 does not have a built in auto focus -- its in the lens instead. What?! Purchasing additional lens is looking a little pricey for this amateur photographer. What are your thoughts? Should I sale my camera and go with a model that allows more flexibility in lens selection? Ultimately could be far less expensive than buying individual lens. A salesman told me that he thought I could learn how to auto focus some of the prime lens -- fast enough to catch my moving little targets? Hmm. Not feeling that confident. 

When hubby bought me the camera this past winter, it was spur of the moment and without much research. Neither he or I knew what I'd want or need. Photography was a brand new, growing interest of mine. It's been only 8 or so months since I started down this path and I'm hooked. I'm also really clear that I do not have any professional or money-making aspirations. This is all about having a creative outlet -- self-expression. I can do that with the camera I have. But I have lens envy. Tell me, what would you do? :) 


georgia b. said...

precious photos.

as far as advice about cameras, i'm too much of a novice to give you any. but i know what you mean in the last paragraph. sometimes i think i may want to do something with photography. but for now, it's just a creative outlet for me, too.

Jaime said...

Oh, she is adorable.

This brings back memories of my first (and only) year of ballet. I was about that age and wore all the pink, and did the same arm poses. The teacher called it blowing bubbles. That's all I remember.
I hope your little one had a wonderful time!