Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Days of Summer

Big D starts 1st grade tomorrow. I'm feeling a little numb on the subject. He's thrilled, excited, can't wait to get a little space from his Sis who he's been cooped up with all summer. I know his starting grade school is another proof that he's growing up -- as if the size 7 pants that are nearly too short aren't proof enough, or the smart mouth he sports now and again . . . but he still hangs on our necks when we tuck him in and asks for "huggies." He's still my little boy and I guess, he will be a 1st grader tomorrow. 

In prep, we've done the essentials. Bought the reams of paper, packs of pencils and new socks and undies. We'll stock his backpack today and lay out his clothes for the week. In some ways, though he is the only member of the family going back to school - it feels like some sort of fresh start for the rest of us as well. I'm determined to get back to my weekly menu planning and we've instituted a daily routine for both morning and evenings. Let's not fool ourselves, though couched as necessary for the well-being of the children, these charts are for mama and daddy. Helpful reminder of the important things -- regular teeth brushing and special family time. 

Big D and I have started a ritual of reading a chapter book together and then he writes a sentence (or an approximation thereof) summarizing the chapter and illustrates it. With daddy, special time has been playing Candy Land and Shoots and Ladders. Little Sis is struggling with the new bedtime arrangement that puts her in 15 minutes ahead of brother. It was time. Big D needed one-on-one time with his parents and some sort of recognition for being 3 years older than his spunky sibling. 

Today is full of odds and ends as we get ready for a big week. Friday is the relay that I've been prepping for all summer. So, need to get together such essentials as a reflective vest, flashlight, sleeping bag, pain meds . . . Oy, the legs. Have I mentioned this relay before? 197 miles, Mt. Hood to Coast in a team of 12 in two vans. We start at 7:15am Friday morning and anticipate being done early afternoon Saturday. Send my calves healing thoughts -- they are busy protesting this running and last night found me in a cold bath, followed by icing and Ibuprofen. UGH. 

I have fun photos to process, hopefully today of a nature walk we took yesterday. I'm smiling just thinking of how much fun they'll be to share!

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georgia b. said...

i love this simple photo.

i can't believe how the summer flew by. i guess it won't be over technically until the end of september. but it always feels like it's over when school starts back up. and just yesterday, i took pics of a tree that was bright orange and yellow--hardly a hint of green left in it! yikes! autumn is here early this year!