Friday, August 14, 2009

Flight of the Bumblebee

Usually, I tend to keep my distance from these furry little insects. But there is something so endearing about them, especially from behind my lens. Today, the kids and I took a stroll down the block, the intent being that I would ask a neighbor if I could photograph her garden. When no one answered the door, we stood on the sidewalk -- mama captivated by the lavender's buzzing hosts and the kids collecting acorns. Today's been productive and domestic. Mopped the floors, did some laundry, grocery shopping and the crowning achievement? Eyebrow wax with kids in tow! Yes, now that takes some serious moxie. My children sat within three feet of my poor tortured brow while the irritated wax lady (I'd declined her offer to wax my upper lip despite her assurance there was a lot up there that needed to go) ripped  hair off my face. Promises of Taco Bell kept them in check and after, Big D informed me that I looked different and he liked the way I looked before

My poor kids. They've been to all sorts of places that both they and I never dreamed we'd be -- together! Big D waiting in the dressing room while I try on swimsuits. Darn tooting I was letting him out of my sight! Or Baby Sis sitting on my chest for the 6 week check up with the OB following her birth.  And of course, family trips to the bathroom while out in public. Thank goodness for large stalls! Moving on . . . 
As you've probably guessed, each pair of photos includes an altered and SOOC photo. Just tinkering. I finally feel as if I'm understanding how to use layers, etc. in PSE. Perhaps now I can (should) cancel my subscription! It's kinda like a gym membership. Great in the beginning, when you're all excited, motivated and flabby. Then, you tone up a bit, start to get distracted and before you know it, you've paid for two years of monthly fees and you haven't stepped foot inside for nearly as long! Well, its not nearly that bad. The tutorials are very helpful and I would recommend it to anyone trying to figure out how to use photo editing software. 
On Monday, I waxed eloquent (and likely dully) about the idea of Flow. Vows were taken and now I'm here to report my relative success in keeping them. As for TV viewing -- down dramatically. I caved a bit last night but I've got a very good excuse. Itching. Seriously. Went for a run and was nearly incapacitated by itching. Run turned to walk which turned into swearing and frantically (and hopefully stealthily) scratching at my thighs, abdomen and hips. Good heavens! 3 long miles later, arrived at home and dashed into the shower. It was awful! I of course consulted the medical professionals online and decided I disagreed with the consensus that intense itching while exercising was likely due to a "prolonged period of inactivity." Um, no. I'm pretty darn active! Then I recalled that I forgot my allergy med in the morning and decided that explained everything. After such an exhausting ordeal, I had to watch a little Law and Order with dinner but then I turned it off and read. 

Curious thing about turning off the TV this week -- I've slept better, hubby and I have had decent conversations once the children had gone to bed and I feel great about how I'm spending my time. I'm reading, fiddling with photos, talking with friends and when I feel like nodding off, listening to my body and heading upstairs to bed. It's a good thing. I think I may need to continue this trend for another week . . . 

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