Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Yesterday the kids and I visited our local berry farm to do some pickin'. These are Triple Crown Blackberries and they are, indeed, as huge as they appear in the photos! Big, warm and sweet. Does anything taste more like summer than a fresh blackberry? 
The kids were delightful. Eager, messy and full of exclamations and comments and questions. Big D was the "spotter" - searching ahead down the long rows for perfect berries. Sis for some reason couldn't figure out how to both carry her little bowl and pick berries so she resorted to demanding that either I or brother get them for her. Out in the open, I could let them prattle along, generally smiling to myself at their childish sweetness. They weren't going to bother anyone with their incessant commentary. 
We took our bowls of berries home and while they napped, I baked a pie. Perhaps my very first blackberry pie. The general consensus is that it is yummy! And tastes good with vanilla ice cream. 

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, the domestic scene I have painted for you was followed by others, less serene . . . there was the drive downtown, parallel parking with the nonstop demands for dialogue from the back seat, two kids dangling off each arm while making my way across the busy city streets and begging, begging, begging to please stop! Stop talking for just a minute. Stop dragging on my hand while impersonating a frog. Stop asking and asking and not waiting for a response. Oh. My. Brain. 

But we all survived, ate pie and kept the vow to steer clear of TV for the week. Instead of finding my brain numbed out on stupid summer TV (no offense! Trust me. I do my fair share:) hubby and I had a delightful chat with one another. Went to bed at a reasonable time and slept soundly. A good day! 

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